Cloud technologies are accelerating the pace of change and facilitating entirely new ways of doing business.  Cloud permeates everything we do, powering digital transformation. The impact on customer experiences, business processes and models, and workforce innovations is undeniable. The OneMind team will walk with you from cradle to cloud and provide you with an unparalleled experience.

Here is a little snapshot of how we do things and what sets us apart.

  1. We begin by signing a mutual NDA

  2.  We bring our toolbelt and survey your virtual/physical environment.

  3. We provide you with our detailed analysis and proposal

  4. We help you get started with your Cloud Journey

Here is the kicker, first three steps to the cloud cost you nothing. Now if we have your attention, listed below are the suite of services that we offer.

  • Workload Assessment

  • Datacenter Audit

  • Data Migration From Legacy application and Storage

  • Existing Infrastructure integration

  • Backup and replication services

  • Multi-Cloud Security and Integration

  • Container Deployment

  • Application Deployment

  • Application Dependency Mapping

  • Analytics/NMS integration (Tetration,Iquate,ScienceLogic,RISC Network, Illumio)

  • Network Integration

  • End-to-End Security Integration

  • Hybrid Cloud planning and deployment

  • VDI deployment ( Citrix and Vmware)

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Compliance Check


  1. Focus on your Business Impact and see what determines your success

  2. Provide a roadmap to ease your cloud adoption

  3. Organizing for success, we will help you build agile processes which allow sustainable growth without breaking your bank

  4. Architect applications: Hel you figure what makes sense, which applications should actually go on the cloud and which should stay home.

  5. Define the best delivery model and work on workload and cost optimization.

  6. We will provide a cloud and application portfolio assessment framework

  7. Risk Assessment